Menard Competition Technologies (MCT)

Menard Competition Technologies (MCT) is the company behind some of the most innovative and prestigious automotive and motorsport engine projects of the
last twenty years.

Our organisation has unrivalled expertise in engine design, prototyping, build and delivery of turnkey automotive engine programmes. By exploiting the most up to date CAD software and engine manufacturing facilities, we are able to offer clients a total solutions package, that can deliver product consultancy all the way through to volume engine production.

Many years of designing and developing complex, high performance engines and systems have given us the knowledge and expertise that international automotive clients demand. This means that our organisation is able to offer a wealth of capabilities, from clean sheet engine design concepts and implementation, through to manufacture and ongoing performance or efficiency enhancement.

Exploiting the latest engineering technology, we can provide a bespoke automotive component design and manufacturing service. Our CAD designers are supported by a comprehensive infrastructure that encompasses multi-body dynamic analysis, engine performance simulation, production engineering, manufacturing and engine testing departments.

Each of our projects is subject to exhaustive planning, co-ordination, evaluation and validation through a programme’s development, from concept to completion. This approach ensures an integrated approach is maintained at all stages of the design process, be it for road vehicle, aerospace or motorsport applications. It is this attention to detail that enables us to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

However, the only way that we are able to deliver such programmes is through the passion and dedication of our workforce. Our project teams boast over thirty years experience at the pinnacle of the motorsport and advanced automotive industries. In fact, our personnel’s high performance engine experience has helped to deliver championship success across the racing globe.

We take great pride in our numerous international championship victories as well as our triumphs at iconic venues such as Indianapolis, Le Mans, Daytona and Bathurst. It is this experience that has led us to succeed in every form of motorsport we have entered, from open wheel racing to sports and touring cars.

We have unrivalled expertise in the design, build and implementation of engine and complete vehicle programmes and boast a wealth of management expertise. In fact, it is this unique experience that makes our offer to the marketplace unrivalled.

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